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Botnik helps you build happy and productive teams.

Everyone on your team should feel engaged. But making sure that happens takes a lot of your work, especially if your team is busy, remote, or growing. This is where Botnik comes in. Botnik builds empathy and transparency via Slack so your team can do its best work.

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Botnik automatically gathers information from your team to help you improve empathy, transparency and diversity within your team. No matter your team size, Botnik is adaptable and able to help you build a more productive team.
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Did you know?

People do their best work on empathetic and transparent teams.

Botnik builds a more productive team, gives you easy access to useful data, demonstrates that you’re real about diversity, and makes transparency a lived value.

Question Libraries

Botnik builds three kinds of connection.

Botnik sorts surveys into three separate question libraries; each library contains questions related to an idea. Those ideas are Identity, Status, and Insight.

Identity questions are a fun weekly opportunity to share who you are with the team.

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Status questions get everyone on your team on the same page with an automatic daily status update.

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Insight questions are a weekly look at how your team is feeling about things that matter.

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Explore ways to benefit from Botnik.

One tool with many uses. Botnik's easy setup allows you to start gathering data and making changes within the first 24 hours. Use that data to reach your teams goals.
Status updates

Get your team back in sync

Keep your team accountable, track goals, and remove roadblocks to get everyone back in sync.

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Diversity & inclusion

Diversity has to be a lived value

Make supporting diversity a part of your team culture by encouraging sharing and authenticity.

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Employee retention

Know when to check in

Precise quantitative indicators of participation and engagement along with rich qualitative data allowing you to pay attention.

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